When will you be putting fibre in my community?
We are in the midst of planning with civil and fibre laying contractors on the deployment and each community shall be kept abreast on the deployment stages as we progress.  We shall be deploying to densely populated in the initial stage, and then towards less densely populated or rural areas.

We’re starting from the state of Johor, and after that, we will move north-bound state by state until the state of Perlis.  In parallel with the in-town construction we will begin to deliver  fibre to the rural households as well.  We will continue to lay out plans for the other communities as we progress through initial stage of completing the main trunk-fibre along the LLM highways and JKR roads including KTM railways.

All customers will be notified prior to deployment in their community.  Our goal is to have 100%  fibre in our service area within three to five years with the first 24 months to cover 30% of the population, and have the greatest impact by reaching the greatest number of customers as soon as we can.

What if I don’t live in town?
As a telecommunications infrastructure company, we recognize the importance of providing state of the art service to all of our customers.  As a result, we will be delivering  fibre to the rural households and businesses in parallel with our in-town construction.  We will be prioritizing our construction plans to have the greatest impact by identifying a combination of density and service needs.

To help us identify the needs of your home or business, please contact us or complete the survey at

Are you doing FTTH in the entire service area, and does that include rural areas?
Yes, we will be laying 100%  fibre throughout our entire service area, including to our rural customers. This is a complete new infrastructure and will change how we deliver services to your home or business. As we do today, if the customer makes a request to deploy  fibre outside of the current infrastructure delivery, such as to a bin site, there may be an additional installation fee to deploy the fibre to the requested location.

What will the construction process look like?  Will they tear up my yard?
Construction begins with the fibre-optic infrastructure that we have already deployed throughout the service areas.  Fibre will be deployed to a distribution point, or node, closest to your home.  XiddiG certified contractors will arrive in your neighbourhood to mark the locations of your water lines, sewer lines, and gas lines in preparation for local construction.

We will ask you to mark and locate any specific items that may be obstructed during deployment, such as sprinkler lines.  The  fibre will be buried through your yard in a very thin line approximately 12 inches deep and you will notice very little difference in your yard when construction is complete.

Construction crews will be mindful of your landscaping and will work to minimize any long-term impacts to the appearance of your yard.

What will the outside of my house look like?  What boxes/equipment will be there?
In some cases, the  fibre will run directly to your house and to the current box you already have on your home for DSL and telephone access. In other cases, a new location may be chosen if it is determined to be a better location to receive the fibre.

If you’re starting in my town, how long will it take to get  fibre to my house?
That will depend on the size of the town.  We will notify you one to two weeks before we plan to bury fibre to your home.

Will there be an interruption in my service during construction of  fibre to my home?
There will be a short interruption in service for just a few minutes that will occur while we disconnect the DSL service and switch to the new fibre service.

How fast will my Internet speed be?
Fibre will allow us to deliver much faster Internet speeds than ever have before.  All Internet plan speeds will increase and the technology will allow for even higher speeds in the future without significant additional construction for the foreseeable future.  We are working on new data plans now, which will be released during the announcement on Ready-for-Service (RFS).

When will you be in my community/ neighbourhood?
The state of Johor will be first community to receive fibre, followed by Malacca and then towards the northern states . We are currently developing the schedule and plan for each community and will share that information on our website as the construction progresses.

Fibre to the Home is great…  and I need it now.
Our goal is to have the greatest impact by reaching as many customers as we can, as soon as we can. We  recognize that we have customers with high bandwidth needs who may need it sooner.  There will be occasions based on need that we are able to get to a customer’s home sooner.  Please contact us or complete the survey at to let us know of your needs.

Who is responsible for damage to my property?
We will be very careful burying the fibre and our fibre technicians are very mindful of your property.  We will do our best to return your yard or property to its previous state when complete and you should notice little to no difference once completed.

What do the flags in my yard mean?
The flags in your yard are marking utilities so we are aware where different lines, such as electric lines, gas lines and water lines, are buried when burying fibre.

How deep do you have to bury the fibre in my yard?
The main line is buried 42 inches deep. The lateral lines to the easements or right of ways are buried 24-36 inches deep.  The fibre drop to the house or pedestal will be roughly 12 inches in depth.

Will anything need to be done inside my home?  Wiring changes?
In many instances, if you are a current customer with telephone and DSL service, there will be no new wiring changes needed to the phone jacks inside your home.  There will be new equipment to install that allows us to connect the fibre to the port directly in your home and there will be a need to route cabling from the outside of your house to the location of the new equipment inside the house.

Is my bill going to be higher to pay for this?
Our customers will not be charged more to have an all fibre access.  As always, we aim to provide the latest in technology while keeping our prices as low as we can.

Are we required to switch to fibre?
The need for latest technology and getting infrastructure 5G ready is ever increasing.  The requirement for higher speed broadband is increasing tremendously as the awareness is also ever-increasing and switching to an all fibre network is the best choice. In order to provide the best service possible, the move to fibre has become imminent but you still have a choice to stay with your current provider.

Do I need special equipment to get the full speed through my Wi-Fi?
As with all wireless routers, it depends on the age and capability of the router.  Most routers purchased from your provider should be able to deliver the speed you have purchased.  However, for subscribers selecting one of the higher speed plans, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a Wi-Fi router that has greater bandwidth capabilities.  These higher speed wireless routers are available for purchase from XiddiG or a number of other retailers.

Why not Satellite?
Fixed wired systems are ground based and the data packets travel very short distances compared to satellite broadband systems. With a satellite system, the packets have to travel 35,764 kilometres from end user to satellite, back to earth to the internet backbone and then all the way back, for a total of around 160,934 kilometres. Even at the speed of light, the round trip takes over 7 seconds. This latency or ping makes satellite unsuitable for videoconferencing, telecommuting, VOIP and gaming or any critical systems i.e. banking & tele-medicine. Fibre-optic systems typically have latency of 5 to 10 milliseconds (a blink of an eye) to get to Internet backbone, and also has the advantage of rapid scalability.



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