With a diverse offering of communications sites, including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), towers and managed sites and a suite of professional services, XiddiG helps wireless service providers expand their coverage — even in today’s most challenging environments.

As a neutral-host provider in the in-building (i-DAS) and outdoor (o-DAS) spaces, XiddiG has partnered with solution providers and operates more multi-tenant installations than anyone else in the country.

DAS solutions require a customized approach, and XiddiG manages every step of the process to provide complete solutions from start to finish. We work with wireless carriers and property owners to deploy DAS networks that provide expanded service and capacity. With exclusive rights to more than 1,000 properties, including malls, hotels, hospitals, casinos, and arenas, you can count on our expertise to deliver superior coverage solutions to your customers.

XiddiG designs, builds and operates complete DAS solutions that allow wireless service providers to deliver the coverage they need, while balancing community aesthetic demands and zoning requirements. With in-building and outdoor system solutions, XiddiG provides access to coverage where traditional systems have been unsuccessful due to difficult zoning, cost constraints or other barriers to entry.

Built upon the same Radio Frequency (RF) technology that drives Wi-Fi networks, our DAS solutions deliver safe, flexible coverage within your venue or throughout your community and can be tailored to fit your individual wireless needs.

Depending on your coverage and capacity challenges and deployment philosophy, XiddiG’s DAS solutions are flexible and may include outdoor nodes, in-building nodes or a combination of site locations, including tower structures.
In-Building DAS

An in-building DAS is a network of antennas placed indoors that are connected with cabling to a “hub.” The hub allows multiple wireless service providers to connect radios that transmit at various frequencies. The DAS serves as an indoor antenna system, which is owned and managed by XIDDIG. The system is neutral host, which enables multiple wireless service providers to use the network at the same time. Utilizing a DAS minimizes build-out costs for service providers and eliminates their role in negotiations with building owners.

Typical In-Building DAS Installation

Floor-level equipment
A neutral-host DAS includes remote units placed in telecommunications closets or utility corridors on each level of the building. The remote units connect to main units housed at the hub location. Each remote unit connects to two antennas. The remote unit/antenna combinations are placed throughout each floor to provide a consistent wireless signal throughout the building.

Out-Door DAS


An outdoor DAS transmits a wireless signal in a similar way as an in-building system. The network includes nodes that are strategically placed on existing utility poles, street lights, traffic signals and other structures every half to threequarters of a mile within the coverage area. The nodes connect to a hub via fiber optic cable. The hub contains XIDDIG’s head-end equipment and the service provider’s Base Transceiver Station (BTS).


Typical Out-Door DASS Installation


  • The RF signal of a mobile device is received by the antenna on the node.

  • The signal is transmitted via the coaxial cable to the node’s equipment box, which contains the amplifier and RF to light converter.

  • The fiber optic cable connects from the equipment box (either underground or aerial) to the hub.

  • The head-end equipment at the hub site converts optical back to RF and sends the RF signal through the coaxial cable to the service provider’s BTS.

  • Calls are then routed through the service provider’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and transmitted via the landline network or back out through the DAS equipment.


In-Building & Outdoor Systems This diagram illustrates the components associated with XiddiG’s DAS hub. It shows equipment for three wireless service providers, as well as the XiddiG neutral-host cabinet, HVAC unit, telecommunications panel and electrical transformer. You can see the coaxial cable connecting the service provider equipment to the neutral-host cabinet, as well as the fiber optic cable that flows from the neutral-host cabinet to transmit wireless signal throughout the coverage area.

Indoors, Outdoors and Everywhere in Between

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) often provide wireless coverage in areas experiencing poor signal strength; for example, tunnels, large venues, and shopping malls.

Hybrid Approach

  • In venues with in-building DAS, outdoor DAS and outdoor coverage challenges

  • Tower assets are utilized as part of the coverage solution

In-Building DAS

  • Venues with poor wireless penetration

  • High subscriber traffic


Outdoor DAS

  • Capacity or coverage needs

  • Tough permitting environments

  • Densely populated areas



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