Today’s travellers expect Wi-Fi in every hotel. The quality of the Internet service exert influence on their satisfaction, desire to come back, and overall Hotel review rating.


Many hotels fail today to provide quality Hotel Wi-Fi because of:


  • Incomplete control, higher level paid service could be used for two weeks instead of one week.

  • It’s not secure, guests are not isolated in the network.

  • Some guests may use most of the bandwidth streaming videos or downloading, while other may not be able to get even an Email.

  • Not protected from potential criminal activity, as the guest web activity is not tracked and logged.

  • Stop customers from sharing accounts and much more reasons…


Guest satisfaction and loyalty are top priorities for you. Achieving those goals includes delivering a strong, consistent Wi-Fi experience. Consider the number of smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are used by guests who check-in to your hotel each day. Whether on vacation or on business, hotel guests expect to connect, stream, watch, download, work, and play without complication and without limit.


To meet that high-speed Wi-Fi demand:


  • Hotel staff can use mobile Wi-Fi devices to securely access reservation and administration tools from anywhere on the property, ensuring high levels of service.

  • Wireless point of sale (PoS) systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property.

  • Wireless voice communications between hotel employees can help keep everything running smoothly.

  • Handheld devices can be used to check-in guests at valet.

  • Hotels can offer Wi-Fi in guest rooms and common areas for free, or bundled in a communications package.

  • Guests can use Wi-Fi for their high definition audio and video devices, such as iPods or Sling-boxes.


Easily control Wi-Fi and wired Internet access


XiddiG Hospitality Wi-Fi software has complete solution for HotSpot billing and HotSpot management in your hotel. Our wireless hotspot solutions do not use a profit sharing arrangement instead you own your own wireless hotspots.

How XiddiG Hospitality Wi-Fi Software Works


Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to hotels self-branded login page. To get the Internet access, guest may login with an existing account or signup for your services: by paying with a credit card or PayPal, by charging the bill on the room number, or by entering a voucher ticket.


If you provide free Wi-Fi service, a guest may sign-up for a free account, click a start button for anonymous access, enter a shared keyword provided on check-in. XiddiG Hospitality Wi-Fi software will control the duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally collect your customers e-mail, name, address, for your safety and marketing activities.


Create Pre-Paid Voucher Tickets Without Extra Monthly Fees Design layout of the tickets or customize one of the included templates to include Hotel logo, terms of service, access code, access parameters, limits and other info. Print tickets in advance, or provide your front desk staff with easy-to-use Remote Operator that can print a ticket when needed.


Failing to issue individual user id’s and passwords and controlling number of device access per client may cause miss-use of your Wi-Fi facility to be shared with non-registered residence at your hotel.


Combine Free Trial Use with Paid Faster Access


Hotel Wi-Fi software helps you offer free trial Internet access and convert your customers into paid subscribers. Entire process is automated, and follows the rules you specify: duration of the free trial, number of logins per day, available bandwidth quota, download and upload rate, time of day when free access is available, and much more. Once the customer is satisfied, guest can sign-up for the higher level paid account without restrictions.


Ability to offer paid upgrade is very important, as business users or those needing video streaming will not be satisfied with your free-level service. On contrary, users needing only simple services as browsing or Email access would appreciate a free offer, and be loyal to your main services.


Limit speed to prevent losing your customers Failing to set a bandwidth cap, leads to non-functional Wi-Fi HotSpot. If data transfer is not controlled and limited, some customers may consume all your bandwidth, and leave other customers unable to connect or have decent browsing experience.


XiddiG HotSpot efficiently limits both download and upload rate for each customer connected to your network. But that’s just a starting point. To gain full control over the customer connection, you can limit bandwidth quota (maximum data transfer), or set limits on a daily level. For example, each customer can get 1GB data transfer, but only 10 MB daily.


Why is this so important for you?


With massive iPad & tablets sales, number of customers equipped with this device is on the exponential increase. iPad’s & tablets are very suitable for video materials that consume a lot of bandwidth. An average iPad user consumes several times more bandwidth than the average Laptop user. A global trend shows that an average Internet session requires 250MB and this number is increasing. Now imagine all your customers connected with iPads or streaming video materials from other devices.


The result will be uncontrolled data transfer for some customers, while other may not be even able to get the emails. Finally, customers with a bad Internet experience may look for a better service and go to your competition. Solution is easy & flexible with XiddiG HotSpot software that takes care over your Hotel Wi-Fi Internet, and helps you never lose a customer.


Track visited pages to comply with law


According to the anti-terrorism Malaysian MCMC Cyber-Law, each Internet Service Provider (in this case YOU), are required to store customer details, and to track Internet user activity by storing visited URLs into the log.


Offering Free Hotel Wi-Fi without tracking URLs and collecting customer data imposes you to a risk from illegal customer activity that is performed from your Internet connection.


Advanced features that help with XiddiG Hospitality Wi-Fi management:


  • Prevent illegal customer activity and protect your business

  • Filter URLs with inappropriate content, like porn, racism, drugs

  • Block desired websites

  • Redirect websites to another URL (even your competition)


Flexible scheduling of your Hotel Wi-Fi services


A big Free Wi-Fi logo will definitely drive more customers, but instead of offering it as a free service only, you could profit from it. With XiddiG HotSpot, it’s quite easy to configure when your free Internet is available – daytime, night-time, slow selling hours, weekends, or any combination you create. Customer may use free internet within allows hours or upgrade to a higher level paid account, to enjoy faster Internet connection, more data transfer or time allowed.


Get Real-time Statistics and Usage Reports


Activity of the user is updated each second on the screen and you can track Real-time changes in download, upload, bandwidth use and time being deducted from the customer accounts.


Easily check Hotel Wi-Fi statistics; who is using it, how long, the number of logins per day, total time usage, bandwidth consumed. HotSpot activity log stores actions performed by employees or customers, including sales, session start and stop, the time of incorrect login attempts etc. You can filter the database by date, action, username, computer IP or MAC address.


Increase TripAdvisor Rank of your Hotel


Collect reviews from your guests and use it to increase hotel’s TripAdvisor rank. Our system is designed to collect guest opinion when they are the most motivated to give positive review. In addition, it prevents customer dissatisfaction by informing a manager of negative comments or complaints and gives a chance of converting guest experience while the guest is still on the hotel grounds.


  • Easily create prepaid accounts or voucher tickets

  • Post charges to the guest room using PMS interface

  • Free access with daily limits on download, time, data

  • Control number of users per room

  • Combine free trial with paid faster access

  • Remote HotSpot operator for front-desk staff

  • Require accepting terms of use before session

  • Collect guest data (name, email, address)

  • Stop customers from sharing accounts and much more reasons…



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