Advanced yet simple ways to connect multiple locations. Financial institutions of all sizes — large banks, brokerage services, community banks and credit unions — face many of the same competitive and regulatory pressures. Customers want to transact business whenever and from wherever they choose. Regulations mandate availability, integrity and security of customer data.

As more of your customers adopt online services and as the sheer volume of data that the banks must transport continues to grow, one thing is clear — the demand for secure, reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity between headquarters, branches, data centres and other locations continues to rise.

To gain additional network flexibility and capabilities, XiddiG encourages you or financial institutions like yours to investigate Metro Ethernet services. Metro Ethernet services can provide robust bandwidth, enable new services, and support the convergence of voice, data and video over one reliable network.

In the banking industry it’s all about convenience, service and being able to deliver the best in financial services to customers via the most secure and reliable means possible. Many banks strive to find the best technology solution for anywhere, anytime access to data and services that will continue to position them for continued expansion tomorrow.

Information Online Transaction Services Continue to Proliferate

In an “Always-On” world, customers want to access information — their own accounts and market data — and transact business whenever and from wherever they choose. They expect to receive services in a new way, from a live person within a website. Continued adoption of new technologies increases the need for connectivity — secure, high-speed, resilient bandwidth — but at an appropriate price point to maintain profitability.

Regulations Demand Access, Integrity and Security

A veritable alphabet soup of agencies and regulations — BNM, SC, Labuan FSA and others — forces financial institutions to invest in the capacity, resiliency and security of their networks. Some mandate equal access to market data. Others stipulate what must be stored.

Business Continuity Adds to Network Complexity

Regulatory compliance extends to business continuity planning. Customers must have access to funds and be able to transact business even if a data center has an unplanned outage. Vast quantities of data must be mirrored, transported, stored and readily accessible to bring an affected site back online quickly.

Networks Converge to Reduce Cost

As customer applications such as click-to-chat drive convergence from one direction, the adoption of voice, data and video applications pushes network convergence from within. XiddiG helps financial services firms achieve the productivity they need from the convergence of voice, data and video over one reliable network, with available Classes of Service (CoS) to prioritize more critical and low-latency traffic for optimal performance.

Enabling Digital Technologies

Financial services firms continue to offer more options and sophisticated, online transaction capabilities to differentiate themselves and enable their customers to access account information and transact business. For example, Click-to-Talk lets customers use instant messaging to contact a representative. This puts additional demands on connectivity requirements.

The implications of the financial industries’ regulations remain unclear. What is clear is that firms will be held accountable for the security, integrity and survivability of customer data and increasing demands on the networks that interconnect their facilities.

Metro Ethernet offers a highly-scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective solution to meet the connectivity demands of the evolving financial services industry, between multiple locations and across metro areas. Metro Ethernet delivers greater service flexibility by enabling healthcare organizations to obtain the exact amount of bandwidth required or upgrade their networks and increase capacity quickly.

Differentiating Financial Services

•    Supporting online financial services
The number of online banking transactions and stock trades continues to grow. In an industry based on personal service, financial institutions build more robust customer relationship management capabilities into their online applications.

•    Delivering non-stop transaction services
Firms know that disruptions in network operations can cost millions of dollars in direct and indirect losses and that delivering fast, non-stop transaction services relies on a robust, flexible and resilient network.

•    Ensuring regulatory compliance
Firms are subject to stringent regulatory requirements governing securities transactions, recordkeeping, fair credit reporting, auditing and business continuity planning, as well as those related to disclosure of personal information.

•    Reducing operating costs
With ever increasing pressure to improve productivity and profitability, IT managers know that they must achieve the first 3 imperatives while reducing costs and improving resource productivity.



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