Xiddig is a telecommunication provider in Malaysia. We are registered under MCMC with the relevant license.
Our customer careline is reachable @ 1800-18-5015. We operate 9am – 9pm alternatively you could e-mail your enquiry @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We provide prepaid mobile telecommunication services thru registered communities.
Contact us thru our customer careline. Charges will apply.
Unfortunately not. Please backup your SIM data regularly to prevent any data loss.
Insert Xiddig SIM card into your phone. You need to make a call to any number in order to have your subscription fully activated.
Dial ‘*129*1*2# to check your balance.
No. Not at this time. We are in the process of upgrading our system to accommodate this process.
PUK stands for PIN Unblocked Key. If you have enabled PIN lock, you will be requested to enter your PIN when you switch on your mobile phone. If a wrong PIN is entered more than 3 times, your SIM will be locked and the PUK code is required to unlock it. If the PUK code is entered wrongly for 10 times, your SIM is locked permanently and a new SIM card is needed.
The PUK is printed on the SIM card frame. Alternatively you can also contact our Customer Service personnel for help.
No, you cannot transfer the ownership without the consent of Xiddig.
You can key in ‘*129*4# to add in the numbers that you want.